Online Practice Course Invitation

An Online Practice Course on "Atisha's Seven Key Points of Mind Training"

On October 1st an email invitation was sent to everyone on our mailing list invited to take part in an online mind training practice course hosted by Katog Tara Ling Kauai. The course takes approximately eight months to complete and focuses on integrating the mind training practices into every day life. Registrants will receive one practice every Saturday and Tuesday. It will begin onSaturday, October 21st. Please check your junk mailbox/spam folder if you did not find this email in your inbox. All practice emails will come from this address: Make sure you allow receipt from this address. You can also make a smart mailbox or folder so all emails from can be found in one location. Please email us if you are unable to find the invitation or would like to join our mailing list. We warmly welcome you to take part.

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